How It Works

LineHire is the job board that finds and pre-screens candidates who aren't looking on job boards.

Launch your Hiring Campaign

Employers set up Hiring Campaigns based on employers' job descriptions. Instead of presenting the job to the general public, Campaigns are promoted to our community of US-based Talent Scouts.

Talent Scouts Get to Work

LineHire's Talent Scouts, who are industry-specific professional recruiters, have 30 days to find, screen, and submit the most promising candidates. LineHire uses a unique process for incentivizing Talent Scouts to submit only the most qualified candidates.

Candidates in Your Inbox

During the campaign, you can expect 10 to 20 qualified, available candidates in your inbox. Your team can proceed with contacting candidates right away as part of your normal recruiting process.

Give Feedback

LineHire provides a streamlined tool for managing the candidate's journey. With just one click, you can update each candidate’s status. This feedback is the lifeblood of recruiters and giving feedback lets them keep candidates warm. It also lets them know that you’re actively recruiting and motivates them to send you more candidates, which lets you get the most out of your Campaigns.

Campaign Fees

Campaigns launch for just $599 each and every campaign is guaranteed to bring qualified candidates.

Success Fees

When hires are made, employers pay a success-based fee of only $1,000 to $4,000, depending on the job type.

LineHire's innovation is a software tool that's as easy to use as a job board, but provides recruiting agency-quality candidates without the need to work with a recruiting agency.

Start hiring better today

From 1 critical hire to 100, the LineHire platform saves you time and money